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Meat - Fish Bandsaw 

Heavy Duty Mainca Band Saws 

Beef Lamb Chicken and Fish Bandsaw our most popular model, most of our sales for this machine come from customers recommendations to their friends and that says it all about this machine.


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Mainca BC20 Bandsaw

Our most popular choice for halal/ethnic/busy butchers shops,where a powerful,reliable,robust,easy to clean machine is a must

Suitable for fresh meat with or without bones or frozen meat, depending on blade selection. These bandsaws reduce wastage by 50% over normally cut meat, resulting in a wastage of approximately 1% on fresh and 3% on frozen meat. Heavy duty motor for continuous operation. Solid and compact machine with special blades, having hardened teeth. Easy to operate, it comes complete with safety guards and break motor for safety at work. All components are easily removed for cleaning, including the door. The top wheel is easily removed for cleaning as well as having an automatic tensioner included for perfect blade tension. Special guides and removable scrapers for both wheels prevent blade slippage.


Mainca Range
Heavy Duty 

Stainless Steel Bandsaws


300mm throat with break motor, automatic tensioner, slice thickness control, pusher guard, intermediate telescopic guide.


Model: BC20A

Single Phase (runs off 13amp plug.) 230v, 50Hz and 

1.5Hp motor. 


Our Internet Price Offer
Only 2,256.14 +vat





Model: BC20L


Three Phase 415v, 50Hz and

1.75Hp motor.


Our Internet Price Offer
Only ,2,176.65 +vat






Automatic Tensioner

PRICE:  41


Cooling Fan Kit  

PRICE:  55.32


Waste box  

PRICE:  20


Tubular Stand (430x490x600)

PRICE:  312.85


Spare Bandsaw Blades

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