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Mainca EC-12A & EC-12R - Sausage Filler



Our fillers have uniquely engineered hydraulic circuitry, optimised to give maximum pressure without the need to employ large HP motors, thus greatly reducing energy use but still achieving the power required to fill rusk based sausages.


Constructed from stainless steel with the lid and piston in aluminium, these fillers have been adapted for use in the UK market where rusk is added to sausage mix, requiring stronger pressure to extrude same.

  • Adjustable speed and pressure.

  • Fixed cylinder and piston machined to close tolerances.

  • A smooth exit avoids clogging and discolouration.

  • Automatic piston decompression when the knee lever is released.

  • Piston easily removed for cleaning.

  • Supplied with 2 nozzles: 15 and 22mm.

  • Equipped with sealed independent oil tank and pressure guage.


Mainca Hydraulic

Sausage Fillers



(25lbs) hydraulic filler with heavy duty 1.15HP 240V single phase motor. Includes removable lid 

12 Litres

25 lbs

Gross Weight 83Kg


PRICE:  2,900
Our Internet Price
Only 2,185 +vat
Save 715






(25lbs) hydraulic filler with heavy duty 0.6HP 415V three phase motor. Includes removable lid 

12 Litres

25 lbs

Gross Weight 83Kg


LIST PRICE:  2,700
Our Internet Price
Only 2,100 +vat
Save 600






Lid in stainless steel

PRICE:  350


Set wheels (two lockable) 

PRICE:  97


Manual portioning device 

PRICE:  988