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Mainca Band Saws - BC-2000

Mainca meat and fish saw. We pass on huge savings by buying quality machines direct from the manufacturer and selling to you at Internet prices.

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Mainca BC20 Bandsaw

mainca band saw BC20

mainca band saw BC20
This model has just replaced (December 2013) the previous successful model BM-2000. It keeps the same diameter of wheels of 275 mm but increases the band length from 2040 mm to 2120 mm, and 1 cm in cutting height. Sealing of the safety micro of the lid has been improved, and its elegant outer design has been rounded to be in line with other models of the latest BC saws.
  • Very strong bandsaws ideal for the meat and/or fish industry.

  • These state-of-the-art BC bandsaws will amaze you for their elegant design, reliability and efficiency.

  • Built with a compact, non-deformable, stainless steel chassis.

  • With different types of cutting bands specifically for cutting fresh meat with bone or frozen meat and fish.

  • They make clear cuts as a result of the cutting devices of the band and wheels.

  • Smooth inner surface that is easy to clean as the mechanical elements are separate from the cutting elements.

  • Equipped with hinged pusher or half sliding cutting table.

  • Provided with maximum safety. EC standard certified by the DGUV Test of the German institute.
mainca band saw bc20 tabletop

mainca band saw BC20 inside 

BC-2000 Meat/Fish Bandsaw
Construction: manufactured in stainless steel 18/10.
Diameter of wheel: 230 mm
Band length: 1750 mm
Cutting height: 230 mm
Cutting thickness: 200 mm

Three phase of 1.25 & 1.5 HP / 0,92 & 1,10 kW (230-400V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz)
Single phase of 1.5 HP / 1,10 kW (230V 50Hz / 220V 60 Hz)

The standard model features: manual band tensioner, thickness adjustment stopper and hinged pusher with fixed intermediate guide of the band.

Automatic band tensioner.
Half sliding cutting table with adjustable intermediate guide.
Waste box.
Tubular stand in stainless steel.
Cooling fan kit.


Model BC20R
3 Phase
400v 50Hz

Our Internet Price

Only 2,312.39 + vat


Model BC20A
Single Phase

Our Internet Price
Only 2,482.36 + vat


Automatic Tensioner
Waste Box BM20D
Tubular Frame - 2MSP
Cooling Fan Kit

mainca band saw BC20 specs