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Berkel Gravity Meat Slicers

Berkel have been manufacturing professional meat machinery for more than a hundred years and over that time have gained a reputation for selling the best commercial equipment incorporating the latest improvements. So when making a decision on purchasing a new machine choose a name you can trust - Berkel.

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Berkel SLC 350 Meat Slicer
Ham / Bacon Slicing Machine

Berkel SLC 350 Slicing Machine
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The SLC 350 Meat Slicer is a heavy duty gravity-fed food slicing machine from Berkel, as used in most supermarkets.

This 35cm food slicer is ideal for a variety of heavy duty slicing requirements and features a gear driven transmission. We stock a wide range of gravity-fed food slicers, engineered with an emphasis on reliability, ease of use and cleaning, and effortless slicing for the benefit of the user.

The food carriage is set at a 45 degree angle, and together with the last slice device, ensures all food products are processed safely and efficiently. All our heavy duty gravity-fed machines come with the option of Teflon coated surfaces, ideal for slicing cheese.

  • Single hand knife sharpener operation with sliding blade edge guard.

  • Fully silent, high precision machines with smooth sliding trolleys.

  • The quality of the blades guarantee perfect slicing.

  • Constructed in anodised aluminium.

  • Safety features comply with the latest EU directive

  • 35cm gear driven food slicer

  • Power 240V, 50Hz, 330W motor

  • Dimensions (mm) 450 x 580 x 530

  • Slicing capacity 190 x 250mm 250

  • Gross weight 46Kg

  • 180 stainless steel hopper for vegetables

  • Carriage with two adjustable fixing grips for slicing more than one product

  • Adjustable fence

  • Teflon coated surfaces