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Stainless Steel Butchers Safety Gloves

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Butchers Safety Gloves

butchers safety gloves
  • EN 1082-1.

  • Hygienic.

  • Lightweight, comfortable.

  • Tried-and-tested press-stud solution (enables both, perfect fit and quick release in emergency) simple change from left to right-hand/right to left (no tools required !).

  • Easy to repair.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • also available as 3-Finger gloves..


Stainless Steel Butchers Safety Gloves

Available in: Small, Medium and Large

With fixed (welded) nylon textile wristband.

In addition to the innovative chainmesh gloves, make our well-known and well-loved STANDARD glove range are still in production.

The gloves are made of stainless steel chain mesh (ring diameter 4mm) and are fitted with welded nylon bands. Our gloves are of the highest quality and fulfill all essential requirements.

Size Small

Our Internet Price

Only 85.00 + vat 

Size Medium

Our Internet Price
Only 85.00 + vat  

Size: Large:

Our Internet Price
Only 55.00 + vat