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Mainca Mixer Grinder MG-95 Hybrid

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Mainca MG 95 Hybrid Mixer Grinder

mainca mixer grinders

mainca mg 95 hybrid mixer grinder
  • Two in one. These are automatic feeding mincers (much faster than manual feeding mincers). They are also suitable for mixing and seasoning.

  • Ideal to make seasoned minced meat or dough for cold meats and burgers in the same machine..

  • Available with two cutting systems.

  • ENTERPRISE 32 (single cut) and UNGER 98 (single, double and triple cut).

  • Uniform and continuous output of meat through the head. The design of the outer mincing head of the machine fully avoids the transmission of heat to the meat.

  • Reliable and strong gear drive and powerful motors with high overload capacity suitable for mincing all types of meat.

  • Construction: fully made of stainless steel 18/10.

  • They comply with EC regulations. Version MG-95 INT comply also with the NSF / ANSI 8 American health certification.

The MG-90 Hybrid is a machine perfectly adapted for a variety of uses and methods of work. Why Hybrid? It combines the advantages of three well known machines :- Meat mincer with automatic feed. Mixer-grinder. Kneader-Mixer with forward and reverse paddle action. This is a unique and innovative machine for the meat industry, since no machine exists that combines the features of a mixer grinder with a sealable tilting bowl that can be easily emptied. these characteristics make the MG-90 HYBRID a machine without rivals or limitations. The wait is over. One can now produce sausages and burgers of the highest quality and texture without excessively mincing and mixing the product. The dream has become reality. The MG-90 HYBRID is probably the most versatile machine to reach the meat industry to date.
mainca mg 95 hybrid

mainca mg 95 hybrid

mainca mg 95 hybrid

mainca mg 95 hybrid

MG-95 Hybrid Mixer Grinder
Available in two cutting systems:

ENTERPRISE 32 (single cut)
UNGER 98 (single, double and triple cut)

Construction: Fully made of stainless steel 18/10.
Version MG-95 INT has the NSF / ANSI 8 American health certification.

Mincer Drive: heavy duty oil-immersed gear drive.

Mixer Drive: very silent gear motor.Bowl

Capacity in litres:
95 l ( 65 Kg).

Production: 1500 Kg/h (first mince).
It features mincing head guard with safety switch and digital programmer to programme different mixing cycles.

It may incorporates a pneumatic portioning device for automatically packing minced meat in trays (see photos and options below).

2 independent Motors:
Mincing Motor power: 5,5HP / 4kW
Mixing Motor power: 1.75HP / 1.3kW

Three phase version (230-400V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz) or single phase version (230V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz).

Base dimensions: 82 x 54 cm.


Model MG 95 Hybrid
3 Phase

Our Internet Price
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MG95R Unger Double Cut System
MG95R Unger Triple Cut System
MG95R Paddle Switch
MG95R Castors with Locks
MG95R - PR50A Pneumatic Porting Device
MG95R - PRctRZ Optional Conveyor Belt
mainca mg 95 hybrid specs