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Vacuum Packing Machines


Mainca UK has been selling vacuum packers to the catering industry for many years. All chamber vacuum packers have been made by Tepro SA who have designed and manufactured machines for over 40 years.
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Mainca PP12 Vac Packer

mainca pp12 vac packer
Floor standing model constructed in stainless steel including lid and microprocessor control.
Floor standing 1ph. stainless steel construction body and lid tough robust vacuum packer easy to use and clean renown for its quality build.
Vacuum packaging machines with worldwide reputation.

PP12 Vacuum Packing Machine
Pump: 63m3, 3kW, 415V three phase
Weight: 220Kg
Overall dimensions: (mm) 750 x 710 x 1005
Chamber size: (mm) 500 x 680 x 180 with two 645 parallel front and rear bars or two 465 parallel side bars or 580 and 465 L bars, all with one sealing and one cut off strip.
Optional models:
PP12A 63m3, 240V single phase
PP12G With gas injection option
PP12G/A With gas injection option 240V

Model PP12 - Floor Standing

Model PP12

Our Internet Price
Only 4,700.00 + vat