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Mainca PX32AA Mincer

Mainca UK has been selling meat mincers to the catering industry for many years. An ideal choice for Restaurants, Farm Shop, Market Stall, Takeaways, Front of shop Butchers Mincer.

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Mainca PX32AA Meat Mincer

mainca mincers

mainca px32 mincer
  • Available in two different cutting systems:

  • ENTERPRISE (single cut) in sizes 12, 22 and 32

  • UNGER (single, double and triple cut) in sizes 70, 82, 98 and 114

  • The latest PC meat mincers combine a unique and innovative design with excellent features.

  • The inside of the opening is a state-of-the-art design increasing the mincing performance owing to the careful design of the feedscrew and a greater diameter. Uniform and continuous output of meat through the mincing head.

  • The design of the outer mincing head fully avoids heat transmission to the meat. Its side fastening system by means of a single lever is easy and quick to dismantle for cleaning.

  • Reliable and strong oil-immersed gear drive and powerful motors with high overload capacity suitable for mincing all types of meat.

  • Construction: fully constructed in stainless steel 18/10 (except for some specific models with anodized aluminium mincing head).

  • They comply with EC regulations.
mainca px32 large tray pan
PX32AA Mincing Machine
Available to run of a 13 amp plug or a 3 phase 415v supply.
Output approx 450kg p/h
Tried and trusted Name
12 months guaranteed
Manufactured in EC
In Stock

Made of stainless steel 18/10, except for the mincing head which is made in anodized aluminium.

Transmission: heavy duty oil-immersed gear drive.
Production: 450 Kg/h.

Base dimensions: 31 x 41 cm
Tray dimensions: 31 x 41 cm


PX32WA - 3 Phase
Motor: Three phase of 1,75 HP / 1,3 kW (230-400V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz)

Model PX32WA
Our Internet Price
Only 1,564.00 +vat


PX32AA - Single Phase
Motor: Single phase of 1,75 HP / 1,3 kW (230V 50Hz / 110-220V 60 Hz)
Single Phase uses 240V 13 Amp Plug

Model PX32AA
Our Internet Price
Only 1,749.00 +vat


Extra Large Tray Pan : 41 x 61 cm
Mincing head guard with safety switch (compulsory to use when using 8mm or bigger hole plates.)