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Omega / Derek Wright Food Machines


Omega Food Machines



Omega Vegetable Cutter 

Veg Processor

Made in aluminium alloy polished and anodised and in AISI 304 stainless steel. 


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Commercial Meat Slicers

Cooked Meat Slicer 

Poly V belt drive.
Built-in sharpener.


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Heavy Duty Meat Slicers 

Cooked Meat Slicer 

Top of the range superior quality slicers. Capable of withstanding heavy usage. If you want a slicer with years of trouble free use, these are the models to choose.


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Automatic Slicing Machine 

Cooked Meat Slicer 

For supermarkets, hypermarkets, packaging centres, food retail, collective catering. 


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Omega SM280S Bandsaw 

Band Saw 

The renown Omega bonesaw has been around for many years and has been the mainstay of butchers and supermarkets for thirty years or more.


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