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Mainca Sausage Filling Machines

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Mainca El-50A & El-50R - Sausage Filler

mainca sausage filler em50

  • Strong and reliable hydraulic sausage fillers, ideal for the meat and /or food industry (with separate oil tank).

  • Fixed cylinder with inner grinding and individual adjustment of each meat piston to ensure maximum sealing and precision.

  • Speed and working pressure are easily adjustable through the adjustment knob. Automatic piston decompression on releasing the knee lever to shut off the output of the product through the nozzle.

  • Smooth outlet of the product avoiding spattering and loss of colour of the meat.

  • Removable piston for easy cleaning.

  • Equipped with 3 stainless steel nozzles 15, 20 and 30 mm. (Optional diameters of: 12, 25 and 43 mm).

  • Stainless steel cylinder base ensures no corrosion can occur inside.Fully made in stainless steel 18/10 except the lid and piston which are in anodized aluminium. Lid and piston can optionally be made in stainless steel 18/10.

  • They comply with EC regulations. Specific INT models comply with NSF / ANSI 8 American health certification.

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El50 Sausage Filling Machine
Strong and reliable heavy duty model ideal for medium productions.

Capacity of cylinder in litres: 50 l.
Capacity of cylinder in Kg: 48 Kg.

Three phase of 2.25 HP / 1.65 kW (230-400V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz)
Single phase of 2.5 HP / 1.84 kW (230V 50Hz / 110-220V 60 Hz)

All units El-50 (single & three phase) have as standard a cooling fan kit to reduce heat transfer.
Equipped with automatic piston pullback.

Dimensions of base: 54 x 54 cm

Construction: Fully made of stainless steel 18/10 including cylinder base, lid and meat piston.

Version EI-50 INT comply with NSF / ANSI 8 American health certification.


Model El-50R
3 Phase
400v 50Hz

Our Internet Price
Only 6085.00 + vat


Model El-50A
Single Phase
230v 50Hz

Our Internet Price
Only 6085.00 + vat


Manual Portioning Device - El11500
Doser Valve

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