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SuperKut Veg Prep Machine only 1,050

This vegetable preparation machine will slice, dice, shred, grate, cut, chip, and Mash. All types of fruit and vegetables fast and efficient.


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       Veg Preparation Machine 401





The head, with a blade on one side, distributes products inside the feeding mouth and cuts and distributes entire product like cabbage. The high ejector allows to move more material, which allows to obtain a high production without loss of quality in the final product.

Superkut Range of Vegetable Preparation Machines



Hourly prod.: 200 Kg - 650 Kg
Inlet Opening Dimen.: 286 cm2
Disc Diameter: 205 mm
Motor Speed:365 rpm

Single Phase: 550 W

External dimensions:
Width: 389 mm
Depth: 382 mm
Height: 646 mm

Net Weight: 24 Kg


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Fully guarded for operator safety CE Approved Easy to dismantle and clean.

Please check out our range of discs and cutters that are available for this machine.

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Only 1,050.00 +vat




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  Stainless steel construction and highest quality material, all suitable for contact with good.
  New production technology that give a uniform, highest-quality cutting result.
  Large production head with lateral blade, which distributes the product inside the inlet and cuts and distributes entire product.
  In option the included core drill can also be used with the same purpose.
  High positioned ejection disc allowing to eject a bigger product quantity.
  The large range of high quality discs and grids allows the operator to obtain over 70 different styles of product.
  Ergonomic design.
  Lateral product ejection, which allows the appliance to be placed in a less deep working surface.
  This directs the product avoiding splashing.
  Electronic, user-friendly control board. Easily removable lever and lid for cleaning purpose.
  NSF-International certified appliance (complying with Hygiene, Cleaning and Food Material regulations).
  Please note: as a result of continuous product improvements, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Superkut Veg Preparation Machine 401  
1,050 + vat
Curved disc, ideal for slicing soft products such as tomato comes in 2,3 and 5mm thick slices   79 + vat
Julienne disc ideal for baton carrots and coleslaw manufacture produces a thin square strips   98 + vat
Rippled slicing disc this disc gives a wavy slice comes in 2,3 and 6mm slices   80 + vat
Slicing disc for slicing carrots, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, potato. 1,2,3,6,8,10 and 14mm   79 + vat
Shredding disc for vegetables, cheese, bread, nuts, almonds etc. 1,2,3,4,6,7,and 8mm   49 + vat
Chip Cutter this disc in combination with any slicing disc will allow you to produce french fries or large chips   85 + vat
Dicer this disc in combination with any slicing disc will allow you to produce a diced cube product. 8mm,10mm 14mm,20mm and 25mm   85 + vat
Mashed Potato Kit this product allows you to produce mashed potato without any lumps   120 + vat
Disc Holding Device Ideal for keeping all your assorted discs in one place   35 + vat