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Gas Flushing Tray Sealer only 4,995

TS300 GF Tray Sealer with modified gas system
Increase your sales with better presentation
Reduce your waste by gas flushing
Will pack up to 4 M A P trays per min
Will seal up to tray size 320W x 260L x 100D mm

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Tray Sealer  - TS-300 / TS-300GF




TS300 GF Tray Sealer Ramon*


This is the machine we have been waiting for a tabletop gas flushing tray sealer
which is in the price category to suit small to medium business.

it is easy to use requires no skills its versatile as you can change the mould to fit a different tray in minutes.

its greatest feature is that by gas flushing your trays ,your products will be better presented.

Increase the shelf life drastically reduce wastage.
Increase sales with better presentation leads to greater profits
All manner of different products can be improved by packing on this machine.
Such as red meat chicken cheese cooked meats and a host of other products where.
The trays are sold in refrigerated display units.
Gas filled packaging extends the shelf life and appearance of the product.
This machine can also be used as a straight forward tray sealer without gas.
Other features
Automatic sealing system
Profile film cut off around the tray edge
Automatic unwinding system
Simple digital control panel
Electronic temperature control
Acoustic and shining device for sealing ends
EC Standard Approved




TS-300 / TS-300GF


Stainless steel construction
Automatic sealing system
Automatic unwinding system
Acoustic and shining device for sealing ending
Digital electronic panel
Electronic temperature control (0-200C)
Profile cut of film
According to the CE standards


671mm x 474mm x 397mm

* There are three standard size moulds to suit these trays
1/2 Gastronorm (320x260mm)
1/4 Gastronorm (160x260mm)
1/8 Gastronorm (168x130mm)
Cost of moulds are between 1800-2300.
Moulds are available made to your specification please phone for a price.
Special Offer
Only 4,995.00 +vat