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Multiple Languages Available

With the UNI-7, you can pre-select one of five languages listed on the selection screen.

In the parameter settings, you can also select two languages to be printed at the same time, providing your customers with easy-to-follow displays and printing.

General Information

Your looking at the latest generation of retail scales realistically priced for todays retailers.

This scale will fulfill all your requirements from its 7" colour high quality LCD screen that allows you to display coloured pictures and text to catch the customers eye and prompt another sale.

This combines with the touch screen which allows 99 pages of commodities together with 77 hot shot keys.

It surely makes it one of the fastest scales available. Link it to a cashdrawer and a laptop/computer This will give you a full cash control system..

Allowing an email function for orders to be sent to the packing room or management to download recipes and allergy from the the web.

It will even work out the cooking time for your piece of meat.

7 models to choose from the latest generation scale.

This just a small part of what this scale will do for your business and if you
would like an instore demonstration of how this system can make you a
profit or you would like more information.

Please contact us on email or telephone 01625 827827

Will accept coloured pictures and logos to be printed on your receipt
or label.

This machine will also print money off coupons and special offers on to your customers receipts/labels.

uni-7 scale


Ishida Uni-7 Scale Labeller Receipt Cash Control System

uni-7 scale

Ishida Pole Type
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Internet Box Price £1,950

RRP £2,950 SAVE £1,000




Ishida Bench Scale Labeller

Ishida Bench Type
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Internet Box Price £1,850

RRP £2,850 SAVE £1,000




Ishida Elevated Type Single Printer Scale Labeller

Ishida Elevated Type - Single Printer
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Internet Box Price £2,150

RRP £3,150 SAVE £1,000




Ishida Elevated Type Dual Printer
Scale Labeller

Ishida Elevated Type - Dual Printer
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Our Internet Price £2,399

RRP £3,399 SAVE £1,000




Ishida Bakery Type Printer Labeller

Ishida Bakery Type
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Our Internet Price £1,550

RRP £2,550 SAVE £1,000




Ishida Fast Picture Type or
Self Service Scale Printer

Ishida Fast Picture Type
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Our Internet Price £2,890

RRP £3,890 SAVE £1,000




Ishida Hanging Type Scale Printer

Ishida Hanging Type
Capacity: 15kg
Gross Weight 20kilo

Our Internet Price £2,890

RRP £3,890 SAVE £1,000




Affordable & flexible retail scales weighing systems from Ishida


Food Producers

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The very latest in touchscreen weighing solutions, yet reasonably priced for every business.

With several configurations available, all with front-loading media cassettes, the Ishida Uni-7 system is the flexible system for your retail weighing requirements.

The Ishida Uni-7 weighing system has exceptional design, build quality and reliability that customers depend on and expect.

The memory can be expanded up to 2GB, allowing you to appeal to your customers with visual information such as logos, messages, data on traceability, ingredients and nutrition which will be printed on labels.


It's the end for the cluttered product-led keyboard. With a Uni-7 system, the intuitive touchscreen interface allows a drill-down method to select the correct items quickly and effortlessly. The membrane keyboard can then be used only for the central core of fast-selling products.



Attract and entertain customers with displays and advertisements using the full colour customer screen. Even simply showing a full colour image of an item when the PLU is selected can enhance customer confidence. Automated discounting features enable flexible in-store promotion activities.


For user-friendliness and fast user training times, touchscreen technology simply can't be matched. Creating and modifying product lines is simply a breeze.



To make things even easier, SLP-V software is available, providing total user control in creating and collecting scales data. It also has the functionality to manage label designs and keyboard layouts.


For total peace of mind, all programming menus can be password-protected to safeguard system data.


Pre-packing for several retailers, all with different label types ? Inserting one of a possible 7 media cassettes automatically triggers the Uni-7 system to identify the correct label design for the media size and format.



With the front-loading design and a spare cassette on hand, it takes just seconds to swap out an empty cassette or to change label types.


Using standard Ethernet connectivity, there's no need for proprietary networking equipment. Optional wireless communications are available for any company looking to reduce in-store cabling. And for the latest in barcoding developments, the Uni-7 is GS1 Databar ready.



  • Bench (no-pole
  • Pole
  • Elevated Keyboard (single printer)
  • Elevated Keyboard (dual printer)
  • Hanging Scale
  • Bakery Printer
  • Self-Service


  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Self-service Keyboards
  • Spare Cassettes


  • Front loading media increases usable counterspace
  • Easy-to-train touchscreen interface
  • In-store advertising and promotion tools
  • Less downtime from media changing
  • Instant on-screen sales reporting
  • Password protected menus

Specifications :

Weighing Accuracy : 1/3000
Input voltage : AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 1.0A / 0.5A
Customer display : 7" colour LCD
Operating temp : -5 to 40C
Print method : direct thermal
Print speed : 120mm/s
Label width : 30 to 60mm
Label length : 20 to 150mm
Cassettes:up to 7 -uniquely numbered
Outer roll diameter : 100mm

Ishida Co Ltd Japan are are the largest manufacturer of weighing scale. There European headquarters are in Birmingham. The uni-7 weight scale has many unique features such as the 7 inch coloured L C D and IT touch screen being just two of them.

Link it to your PC and down load information from the web. It is an ideal shop scale can be used as a shop scale for butchers deli fishmongers or a back room weigh scale labeller. For pre pack use or a non weigh bakery printer scales. You can buy scale now and finance the purchase ask about our Lease purchase offer.

Electronic weight scale are essential for busy shops. These when linked to a cash drawer eleminate human errors and give full cash control. With 7 models to choose from there sure to be one for your needs.

You can chat on line or call us on 01625 827827 we would be happy to answer your questions.