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Superior Vacuum Packer
Vacuum packaging machines with worldwide reputation Ideal for cafes, snackbars, sandwich trade, bakery

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Superior Vacuum Packer PP4.2

mainca pp4.2 vac packer
Mid sized vac packer to our table top range an ideal machine where a second machine is required for raw or cooked product. Vacuum packaging machines with worldwide reputation.

Recently a Cardiff butcher was sent to prison (read news item) after an outbreak of e-coli killed a five year old boy and infected another 150 people. The source of the outbreak was traced back to the vacuum packer.

With this in mind we are introducing a new superior vac packer at a special price only 1250 plus vat.

To enable you to purchase this vacuum packer and separate your raw and cooked meats . Constructed of stainless steel, this easy to clean machine comes with digital controls and a clear domed perspex lid.

PP4.2 Vac PackingMachine
Weighing only 33 kilos it is light enough to be moved out of the way when not in use. The external dimensions are 350 x 330 x 445mm. 

Chamber width of 300mm and a sealing bar of 290mm. 

With a new designed AT6PH pump.

Model PP4.2

Our Internet Price
Only 1,250.00 + vat